Friday, January 29, 2010

NEW: Avant Aurora 90 Electric

Touted as a true “native electric 90 design”, the Avant Aurora 90E officially splashed onto vendor row late Thursday. The 90 electric market has really taken off this season and Avant has answered those wishes with a electric flavor of their popular nitro heli.

One thing different about the Aurora 90 Electric is the battery mouting and placement. Similar to the MA Ion-X which mounts both batteries inside the frame on one side up front. The Avant mounts one battery on each side of the frame. Both batteries are surrounded by frame and in mild crashes will be protected from damage to the battery packs.

All wires and cables fit inside the frames leaving no clutter outside.
If no BEC is used a receiver battery can be installed in the front plate or in the back between the frames.

Check the rest of the story at AvantRc


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